When you track with me, I can guarantee that 

1. The tracks you record will have pro-level quality

2. You'll walk away feeling satisfied with your performance 


I can turn your song ideas into full, professional arrangements.  

Whether that means making an instrumental from the ground up or beefing up an existing arrangement, that's up to you!


I can take raw multitracks from any studio and give you a mix that will, frankly, SLAP


Indie Pop

  • CyberGirlfriend - Wake Up
  • -
  • Songwriting/Production/Mixing
00:00 / 00:00

My first songwriting collaboration!  This song started as a short, 15-second instrumental idea that I sent off to the CyberGirlfriend team.  Within minutes, I was already getting sent lyric and melody ideas.  We finished writing the song a few days later.  Definitely the densest production I've ever done!

Alt Rock

  • Barely Trev - Home (ft. Chris Buxton)
  • -
  • Co-Production/Mixing
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This is the first song I worked with Barely Trev on, and it ended up being my favorite!  Trev liked it so much, he sent me two more songs to co-produce and mix soon after I finished this one.  Most of my production was layering drum samples, percussion, and some select keyboard parts into the song. 

Retro Indie Pop

  • CyberGirlfriend - Every Little Thing
  • -
  • Production/Mixing
00:00 / 00:00

This is the most successful thing I've produced so far, with over 340,000 streams on Spotify alone.  Also, apparently Chloe Moriondo really likes this song, so that's pretty awesome.

Y2K Alt Rock

  • So Far Gone - Max Bennett Kelly
  • -
  • Co-Production/Mixing
00:00 / 00:00

Without a doubt, this is my favorite mix I've ever done.  I ended up singing many of the harmony vocals on this track too, which was fun for a song as energetic and angsty as this.  



Cara Hagstrom-Skalnek started recording music at age thirteen and quickly gained a passion for it.  Since then, they've developed a quick workflow and creative flair that leaves artists stunned in the studio.  


Cara has also provided drums and vocals for a variety of bands and ensembles in the twin cities area and beyond.  

"Cara has seriously made all my music ideas come to life and beyond! - Cara is kind and dedicates real time and effort into their projects, I'd highly recommend!"

                                      -Bri Flasch (Cybergirlfriend)

"Working with Cara is a great experience, I'd highly recommend it!"

                                      -Albert Einstien



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